GROW in a DNA Group

We GROW as we become more like Jesus.   Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples.  At the Beacon, discipleship happens in our everyday lives as we pour our lives into others and invest in them.  Discipleship is simply investing in the lives of others and guiding them to Jesus along the way.  It is a natural part of the way we live the rhythms of our lives individually and corporately.


As a GATHERING of God's family in our city, we GATHER in smaller (mostly geographical) communities called GO Communities in order to GROW deeper together in our walk of faith.  Within each GO Community, we encourage everyone to be part of a triad of believers called a DNA group.  These groups provide structure for us to care deeply for one another and bring accountability to each other's lives.  
 In a DNA group, we help one another

  • DISCOVER Jesus in the Scriptures

  • NURTURE the truths of the Gospel in our hearts.

  • Take ACTion to obey what the Spirit calls us to do.

In this section you will find the steps we believe are vital to your spiritual growth. 

  1. The 1st Step you should consider at the Beacon is joining a GO Community.  Here you will find people to connect  and grow in your faith with and a place to serve in our community.

  2. The 2nd Step we recommend is to discover new ways deepen your faith.