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Update from Diana Rotcu

by Diana Rotcu on July 31, 2014
Dear friends and partners in ministry,
after about 2 months I am back with fresh news about God's faithfulness and continuous provision for our lives and specifically for me, His humble servant. It's been two very busy months, but so rewarding. I've learned so many lessons about His infinite wisdom and loving care for me and those around me whom He allows me to serve and witness to. With summer here - although it's been the rainiest and coldest summer ever since I remember - we launched a lot of events, conferences, retreats and refocusing seminars, and many more are yet to come. Let me give you a quick peek into the past month and a half:
1. Wanting to serve our youth ministry and help provide scholarships for many young people to go to camp, we put together a Mega Giant Garage Sale in the church building! Yes, all our small groups were involved: bringing stuff for us, the youth, to sell delicious home made cakes (and Ohhh how many and how good they were!!!), donating canned fruit and vegetables and home made food and drinks of all kinds, making lemonade, flavored coffee, icecream, cabbage rolls, pastries, strawberry waffles... you name it! We were so encouraged and blessed by the generosity of our church family and God blessed us richly so that we made more money now that ever in the history of all 7-8 years of Garage Sales organized at church. Praise be to Him! Many kids and young people will be supported to go to camp and some of that money is going to Missions, national and international! To Him be all glory!
2. The next week after the Garage Sale we had a youth rally and a concert with a Romanian Christian band (Pro Fides) who visited us all the way from our capital city, Bucharest (about 10-12 hours drive). It was a 3 day event, and many were encouraged and refreshed worshiping the Lord with good, healthy biblical contemporary music. To Him be all Glory!
3. A week and a half after that we had a 2 days retreat with all our worship team and tech support staff (all volunteers, 44 people) where we re-focused on WHY we worship the Lord and no one else, HOW we do is and WHAT our hearts should tell Him in worshiping. We learned that if we say "Holy! Holy! Holy" we have to live our lives holy, holy, holy, and there is no other way! It was a very deep, emotional time for many, a time of reflection and re-dedication. To Him be all glory!
4. Last weekend with my small group of young adults (ladies only), 10 of us got to spend a relaxing day at a resort in the mountains and then the next day we served cleaning at a children's camp where Sunday school teachers from our church run summer camps for kids all summer long, June through September. We did it all, changed sheets, vacuumed, washed clothes, scrubbed seats, doors, windows, bathrooms, showers meeting rooms, etc. and hard work as it was, we did it with such great  joy, so that the camp staff could have a couple of days off between groups of kids! It all for His glory! (Please see the attached photo of my girls with some of the camp staff. Wonderful people! We are so proud of them!)
After much prayer and with strength from above I helped organize all these events and a few more (a retreat for our Board, a 2-day retreat for our men from church - about 40 attended, including a few non-believers, a couple more informal youth events, etc.) There's never a dull moment is ministry, but God is soooo good and He always provided the means, the people to help me and even the funds (which sometimes came the very last minute, just to test our faith). To Him be all glory!
And now, a few more challenges ahead of us: next week, with 8 young people from our youth ministry, we are organizing a VBS in a remote village in the mountains 3-4 hours drive from us, where we have been serving a small evangelical church (of about 15-20 believers). We will be doing a serving project as well in the morning and interact with the villagers, especially the young people and kids. We are hoping to bring some of their young people to our youth camp in August. 
Our youth camp: this year we are blessed to have a team of 21 Americans serve us again. It's our old friends from Temple Baptist in Lodi, Joe and Kelly Broesamle. We are so thankful and encouraged by their support and hard work to come serve us and fulfill the missions mandate of our Lord Jesus! As a surprise this year we had to close the registration for camp a month before we actually go there because we had too many wanting to go; we have had more people coming than in the past 5-6 years. Please pray that their hearts will be open to the Gospel message our friends will deliver and many hearts will be changed by being exposed to the presence and the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!   
Please continue to pray for those who have been exposed to the Gospel through all these events. Please pray that the Lord will continue to move their hearts. Please pray especially for the next 2 events, the VBS and the youth camp. These are events with a strong impact on non-believers we have been praying and working so hard to do our jobs the best we could. The rest is in God's almighty hands, and we trust HIM completely!
Please continue to pray for my/our physical and spiritual protection for the rest of the summer. All the above mentioned events will run till about mid August, and after that I get to spend time with and witness to a couple of my former college friends who are visiting from abroad. I need His wisdom in my words and actions since these people have been though a lot in their personal lives. 
One more prayer request: in the past few weeks I/my prayer groups were asked to pray for a few people with terminal diseases and cancer, and a couple of them are close friends. It's never easy and it's hard for me to find words to talk to them, but somehow God always comes through. Please pray for these people (their names are not that important, God knows them.)
Thank you all for lifting me up in prayer and for you financial support towards my ministry here. So many are blessed because you have been giving towards this cause and be sure that many whom you don't know bless you and pray for you because of that. I personally am grateful from all my heart, and love and appreciate each and every one of you. 
Let me remind you again that if you want to send support towards the kids and young people who we cafe for and/or are going to camp, we can always use it. We trust God for all the funds we need and He has never let us down, but I am giving you the opportunity to join us in this great thing! All funds should be payable to The Beacon, 3419 E. Chapman Avenue, # 489 Orange, CA 92869. This church body is a registered a 501C3, and all gifts to me will be considered tax deductible. 
Thank you all for your prayers, love, support, encouragement! Please let me know how I can pray for you!
 In His service, 
Diana Rotcu
Arad, Romania