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Thomas and Rebecca Kroeckertskothen June 2013

by anonymous on June 27, 2013

ItaliaNews 26-June-2013

Throw all your worry on him, because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

Our dear friends and prayer,

for more than a week we are back in Italy and we want to share with you briefly how we are doing.
After a long (13 hours) and hot drive (summer just begun when we were stuck in a traffic jam near Bologna ...) we arrived safely back in Umbertide.
first coffee in ItalyOur friends who have a Bed and Breakfast called us when we were in the car and told us that they have prepared a room for us and we should sleep the first night at the Bed and Breakfast. That was really a treat, so we did have to worry about to do the beds at night and didn't have to think about breakfast...
The next days we spent time to unpack, wash and clean our apartment and at the same time visiting friends, phone calls, e-mails, etc.
Some things are still left undone... welcome back to normal life ;-)
On the first Sunday we had lunch together after Church and it was nice to see all the believers again.
Rebecca preparing gifts for our friendsWe are back in the Italian life again; instead of the planes we heard when we lived in the apartment in Darmstadt, Germany (close to the Frankfurt airport) we hear now the mopeds and Vespas till midnight...
The weather is a mix between hot and rainy...

Right now we are preparing several thing you can pray for:
4th - 13th: Summer Camp in Tuscany
8th - 10th: Park outreach in Umbertide (our Co-Workers alone)
18th - 21st: back to Germany for Thomas parents golden wedding anniversary (50 years, wow), Thomas has the privilege to speak
21st - 25th: TEAM - Prayer conference in Austria
28th - 31st: Team-building event with our colleagues and an mentoring couple from our mission.
Beloved friends, we are trying to send updates in shorter intervals to let you be part of our life here in Umbertide.
Thank you for all the prayers and other support!
Thomas and Rebecca
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