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The Hard Work of Forgiveness

by Travis & Lydia on June 14, 2018

The hard work of forgiveness

Photo: "How did your family resolve issues?"
The head pastor of our local church has just been asked to leave. Many relationships are painful. But on Saturday, 15 key leaders, including our pastor, gathered for a seminar called "Relational Healing." We co-led it with our Kenyan Navigator friend and mentor, Uncle Nick Wanyoike, and it was an answer to our prayers.

"Sometimes people tell me, 'This is not our culture," declared Nick. "Some say forgiveness is a mzungu (white person) idea. But it's Jesus' idea! And if we don't forgive each other, Jesus tells us that God will not forgive us."

"In my family, we usually like to sweep our problems under the carpet," one participtant admitted. "But then the problems just eat us alive. What we learned today can help us be healed."

People finished the day feeling challenged and yet hopeful. We had addressed some of the barriers to forgiveness, practiced some essential skills, and left equipped to apply it to our lives.

"I know just the relationship I'm going to start with..." one person stated emphatically.

As the day closed, God painted the sky with an image of hope.
Photo: God can bring light in darkness:
Sunset at the close of that day