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Summer 2009 Update

by Thomas and Rebecca on July 17, 2009
 Hi friends and prayer partners,

here is our new newsletter. Thanks for supporting us. God bless you, Thomas and Rebecca

Dear Friends,
the early and the latter rain. James 5:7

The month of June was a month of amazing weather which we appreciated more than usual because we were having our outreach in the park, "Giochi Estivi" (summer games). Thanks for praying with us for this activity which gave us opportunity to meet many children and their parents.

An important part of the ministry here in Umbertide is that it is a joint effort in collaboration with the Brethren church in Citt√† di Castello which is essentially a sort of "mother church" to the church plant we are carrying on here. The first three days of the outreach we had clowns and puppets from the Castello church, the last three days we made our "debut" as a team with Adriene and Allison Aguirre being the clowns and us manning the puppets. Several high school age girls came down from Castello to give us a hand and were an encouragement in their readiness to pitch in, in any way. The program was a real hit with the kids and gave us lots of opportunities to talk about why Jesus is the best friend we can have. Friends have continued to tell us how much everyone enjoyed the program and that they are already looking forward to having us back next year.

It was a very good time together we had as co-workers and also with the kids, even if we had to be very strict with them...but we know that several kids came to the Lord, that is so encouraging.
Raimondo commented that this was a camp that he really liked because it was so different from any of the other camps he has ever been to. He said he noticed that people really love one another and that he liked studying the Bible. We are praying that Raimondo will hunger for more of this. Both Raimondo and Charlie come from African homes where going to church is a cultural thing that has little depth or substance. Pray that they will see the difference between what is simply a cultural ritual and having a real relationship with Jesus; pray that they will hunger for more and choose Jesus.

One of the most challenging things in our lives right now is to manage the different spheres and areas we are involved. It's getting so complex that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the things, emotionally as well as physically... we realize more and more that we have our home in Italy and that it is not easy catching up with friends in Germany or the US, even with facebook, e-mail, etc. Thanks for staying tuned and praying. So please pray also for us that we are not get lost in the whirlpool of events but that we always focus on the Lord.

But we can say that we are also encouraged; we had our first Agape meal in our little church meeting hall.
Please pray for Silfida the 70 year old believer from Ecuador her children and their families here in Umbertide to receive Christ as their Savior (There are three families which include 6 adults and 7 children).
Also for Gabriele he and his non believing wife Gabriela are at the sea, as many Italians in this period, pray that he can be a testimony with his words and actions.
summer, the people have more time, if they're not leaving for vacations, so we have more opportunities to get together with them. Pray that we can share the gospel in a clear and loving way.  
We will be at a TEAM Italy conference July 19-24. This is a conference for spiritual refreshing and prayer for the people we are all working with. In Colossians, Paul says that Epaphras was always "wrestling in prayer so that you will stand firm and be mature, always ready to completely obey the will of God".
This is what we will be doing as we pray for the people whom we are evangelizing and discipling.
Thanks for praying with us! We love you and we miss you! Thomas and Rebecca

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