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Spring News From Italy

by Thomas & Rebecca on March 7, 2008
Dear Friends,
First of all we are very thankful for your support with prayer and finances. And we are very encouraged that we have you in our mission team.
A few days ago we thought it get warmer here in Italy, but today cold weather came back; with snow ...
When we started language school on 1st March four years ago, we also had snow. Yes we are already four years in Italy and almost one year here in Umbertide.
But we just wanted to update you about what is going on in our lives.
Sometimes it's like with the weather; you think the sun is remaining and it's getting warmer and than bad weather comes. With relationships it's similar and it can be very discouraging if you're investing in friendships and then you don't receive calls or you have the impression that your contact is not interested in what you want to share. Well, we need to look to the Lord. He knows what we need and he knows also what the other people need.
It is our desire and prayer that one day there will be a growing church here in Umbertide where we can see God at work in the lives of "Umbertidesi" (people from this town).
We had all kinds of open doors for talking to people very pointedly over the past two months. One of our goals has been to host friends in our home for the opportunity to discuss the things that they have brought up in conversation and the Lord is blessing this.
New people have come to visit the worship service and Tourè brought her family with her as well. In January we have begun a bi-weekly Bible study on theology; Thomas has just begun teaching about the authority of Scripture pray with us that many will accept the invitation to attend this study.
Two non believers are attending on a regular base; our neighbor Guglielmo and Michela, a friend of our colleagues.
The English Club which Kim is doing on Fridays is moving ahead with great interest on the part of the kids and their parents. Also one girl from our neighborhood is attending. Pray that they can understand the Good News.

Debora, the Basketball Player left Umbertide a few weeks ago to go to another team in the 1st league. She didn't feel good in the local team. That was for us a very sad thing, because we really liked her. Rebecca had many times opportunity to share the Gospel. Please pray that she will continue to read her Bible and the evangelistic calender we gave her. We stay in contact via phone.

Please pray also for the six couples we are in contact with, that we can share the Gospel in an authentic and convincing way. Alessandro and Susanna; Gabriele and Joana; Marco and Silvia; Nico and Cristina; Roberto and Sara; Andrea and Clelia.
We have lots to be thankful for and much to pray about--thank you for being a part of reaching Italians with the good news of the hope we have in Jesus. And the next time you pick up a newspaper to read the headlines about Italian politics or the Pope or when you eat a Pizza or a cup of Pasta, pray for the Italians and whatever they may be facing. Pray that whatever is happening in their country, they will listen to the good news of the gospel and respond to the offer Jesus made to give rest to their souls.

We appreciate your prayer support and look forward to filling you in on all that God is doing here in Umbertide!

In Christ, your friends and servers in Italy, Thomas and Rebecca