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Our Dear American Friends

by ITALY Kroeckertskothen, Thomas and Rebecca on June 14, 2007
Our dear American friends,
we just wanted to tell you how our concert went.
We thank you so much for your prayers. Well, the concert went very well. The choir was really good. There were also 3 music students from Korea, who brought the concert to a higher level. But the important thing was not the quality of music but the testimony in the break. It was a really touching, honest and clear testimony. It ended with the question: ”If you die today, where do you go – in heaven or in hell.” During this little message it was quiet and the people where listening very attentive. We were about 120 people, mostly believers from the churches of Perugia and Città di Castello.
Maybe 15 non believers attended the concert and stayed also for the testimony. Sometimes it happens that people are leaving while Christians are giving a testimony. Not this time and we are very happy because also our 4 friends we invited and our neighbor came and listened to the young fellow from the Città di Castello church. There were also some other people from Umbertide, but we couldn't talk to them, so please pray that we can contact them in future.
After the concert went to pizza place with our four friends and another couple. We couldn't talk much about the evening. But last Friday Roberto and Sara came for dinner (at 9:00 pm). We had the chance to ask them what they thought about the testimony. Roberto is kind of curious and said he would come one day to an evangelical worship service to see the difference... Sara is more skeptical but she also sees that there is something she doesn't know from her Catholic religion. By the way the more we live here the more we see how important it is to evangelize Catholics. Even if they attend the Catholic Church (or because) they don't know the Bible, they don't know what forgiveness through Jesus is and they don't have a real hope and peace in their heart. Please pray that we can live a life which is showing this to these wonderful people.
Our neighbor Gagu was very touched by the music and the testimony and we hope to talk with him and his wife Anna Gloria in the next days.
Also with Andrea and Clelia we want to go out for dinner Thursday. Clelia wrote to us yesterday that she was really surprised about the love we had among each others as believers. Pray that the Lord will open her heart for his word.
Again, we thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for us. It's not always easy if you get rejection when you talk about Jesus. When you see people are going to miss real live, eternal life. But it's very encouraging to know your are over there to fight with us.
We were very pleased to hear about good friends who did a yard sale for supporting us. That was such a nice idea - thanks.
So we got to go to our bible study at Città di Castello.
May the Lord bless you wherever you are.
Thomas and Rebecca Kröcketskothen