Missions News

November 2009

by ITALY Kroeckertskothen, Thomas and Rebecca on November 29, 2009

Dear friends and prayer partners,

we just want to update you about our actual situation. First we are grateful for all of your prayers and e-mails, etc. that's really helping and encouraging us.
As you may know, we are in Germany right now in order to see our families and friends and our supporting churches. Our time is characterized by many different people, homes, changes, emotional stress, etc. often these changes happens within a short time. Sometimes it is difficult to keep you all on track, also because we do not always have the possibility to use the Internet. Please be patient with us.
God is faithful, He always provides with what we need and we experience that here with dear friends, who receive us, like it was when we were with you guys in Cal.

We still have some personal prayer requests. I (Thomas) had for some time pain in the shoulder, so I had to quit playing basketball in May. In Italy the doctor referred me to physiotherapy. It was getting a little better but the pain wouldn't go.
Then last week here I Germany I went to CT scan and result was. Shoulder impingement syndrome. Therapy: Arthroscopic surgery (a small invasive operation, ambulatory, but still with general anesthesia). It was quite a miracle that I got an appointment for surgery this year, the 17th . Rebecca will be my private nurse and driver for the first weeks...
So I would appreciate your prayers on this behalf. Because it changes a little bit our planning in traveling all around Germany...

Two other prayer requests concerning Italy:
In the Città di Castello Church (the church we work with) Friday, the 6th we have a evangelistic dinner for women with two former nuns who are giving their testimony how they found faith in Jesus Christ alone.
On Saturday, the 7th these two ex-nuns are in out church Umbertide, at a meeting for all interested people.
Please pray that many women will come on Friday, and many will come in Umbertide for Saturday evening, that the people can clearly see the greatness of God who saves by grace not by works.

We are now back on the road for a few days, looking forward to the opportunity to share what the Lord is doing in Italy. Thank you for praying and being in our team for His glory.

We love you, Thomas and Rebecca