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New Surgey Date Scheduled

by Evie on April 14, 2008
 Hi Pastor Ric,

A lot has gone on..

The journey has been of faith, patience and seeing God at work.

After Dirk got me the doctor and Kathi sent out an email to friends, funds came in and I continued to believe God to get the $10,000 needed for the hospital. Never got to the mark but continued believe God. Just before the surgery was scheduled I went to see a physcian - on the way to his office I felt like dropping dead. Sheila helped in only to find my oxygen level had dropped by 70%. That caused an alarm and the doc sent me to see a Pulmonary specialist, who ordered a plumonary function test, and Ct scan of the lungs. More blood work was done - blood levels were very low. Fatigue and shortness of breath continued. We prayed things got better for a little while.

Results came back - my lungs had small nodules and looked like I have been a smoker! Doc said not to worry about that but I had to see a cardiologist. I did and he sent me for a treadmill. Heart proved ok. Shortness of breath continues. 

Lots of patience and waiting to get appointments. I was now spending the money raised for the hospital. Continued to believe God for a big miracle.

I was at peace and resting most of the time at home.

While making an appointment for the pulmonary and ct scan appointments - found I needed to pay $3,300! Someone told me about MSI Medical Sercvices Initiative. I called Mission Hospital they told me they were not taking any applications but  could try other hospitals.
I decided to go ahead and make the appointments for the tests any way. the lady who answered the phone was busy and promised to call me the following day. The next day another lady called me. As she was taking my particulars to pre register me, she asked what race I was. Jokingly I said I did not know - my father was white, my mom African , what race was I. She started laughing and said she understood me well because she is Phillipino, her husband is Indian, French,German and English so what was her child.  We laughed and went on compliting the form. When asked where I worked and told her OTA she was curios. Asked what we actually do. Told her our story. Only to find out her husband had just returned from a mission to trip to Kenya. that was instant friendship.

Asked about insurance and told her did not have any. She stopped and said "now I know why I called you. I am the supervisor here and I never call patients. Something told me to call you. I know it is the Lord."  She told me to go and see her.

Went, met her and she took me to the financial aid at Mission Hospital  - completed forms and within a week the MSI was approved.   We serve a might God.  Now I can have all me medical treatment and surgery free.

Kathi Winter started the journey by sending out an email to all of you. You picked and sent it out. Dirk went further found one of the most wonderful doctors you have ever met - who offered to do the surgery for free. We had to raise funds  for the hospital. Friends sent in cash. The miracle continued and still continues.

He meets all our needs at the right time.

I would like to thank all those who prayed, gave, donated blood and just loved me. You all demonstrated the love of our Father.

You may share this email with all the friends you had sent the info to and I am sure all are wondering what is happening.

Surgery is scheduled for April 23 @ Mission Hospital.

Thank you is not enough.