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June Update

by ITALY Kroeckertskothen, Thomas and Rebecca on September 8, 2008
une 2008 Our dear friends!
It has been a long time, since we wrote you some note! Today it will be briefly, but we need your support in prayer for the coming weekend! It's such a privilege, to have friends at the other side of the world, praying for and with us, that Italians would be saved! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
The upcoming outreach  is from June 20-25. A German brass band called "Brass on mission" will be with us for three concerts. They are in part friends of us and Supporters.
Pray for good weather--it has been so rainy lately that it feels more like a cool rain forest than central Italy!  Pray for many people to come out to the concert--we have invited many friends and gave out fliers at the local market this past morning.
Pray also for all the preparation, because Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will cook for 25-40 People! So we have so many things on our mind, that we are already tired;-).
Other upcoming activities you can pray about with us are:  a children's outreach in Castello June 23-27, than from the 3.-12. July Thomas and I we will be Co-workers at a summer-camp for kids between 9and 16 years!  Another children's outreach will be in the park here in Umbertide in early August.
We asked you to pray for the ladies' outreach at the end of May--it was a great time with many unsaved ladies including a friend of me, named Silvia who came. For me it was really a wonder from our Lord, that she came! Please pray for her and her husband MARCO and daughter MICOL!  Toure' and Erika, a lady who has had some contact with the gospel, also attended.  The ladies who come to this special dinner are always amazed at how the men of the church willingly serve the meal which rivals anything they have eaten in a nice restaurant.  As they enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere, there were lots of opportunities to think about the subject of joy and what its source is.  The woman who spoke briefly on biblical joy in contrast to what the world offers gave a challenge to each lady to consider what Jesus is offering to them and how this satisfies their need.
Please pray also for JOANA and GABRIELE, a young couple with whom we are building a friendship. We watched some soccer games together;-)!!
We recently had the joy of getting to know Gian Carlo who is married to Sunilda, a believer who attends the Umbertide church.  Gian Carlo asked many questions about salvation and knowing God.  He said he isn't willing to accept what he had always been taught because he said it didn't seem true but he didn't know what was true. Gian Carlo willingly accepted a New Testament and has been reading it-- he was amazed to learn that the Bible talks about the very questions he has been asking himself for years.
We thank you so much for your friendship and work for and with us! Please don't forget to pray for the coming weekend! It will be a spiritual battle, but we know, that our LORD is the LORD and King and he will fight for us!
Again: We appreciate so much your praying with us!
In Jesus, Thomas and Rebecca