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July Update

by ITALY Kroeckertskothen, Thomas and Rebecca on July 23, 2007
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

we wanted to update you about what happened in the last few weeks in Italy.
Today we had our worship service with just 5 people. We are in the beginning of a church plant and so we have to deal with it. But it's always a pleasure to be together as believers. Our coworkers are in the US for their home assignment. Two of the other believers (Toure and Gabriele) from our group weren't there so we and Olga and a couple from the Città di Castello church worshiped together.
You can pray for our coworkers for good opportunities to share with the different churches they are traveling to. Pray that many Americans see the need for missions in the catholic countries of Europa
We personally are doing good. Last week we finally had vacations, we traveled to southern Italy and had a very good time together. Now we are trying to re-establish our contacts here in Umbertide. It's not easy because many people are going on vacations. The most Italians are going to the see also for escaping the heat. At the moment it's very hot in Italy we have days with more than 105 degrees – sometimes it's not easy to move around outside until it's evening. We just came back from a little walk and it's not that bad today.
Another thing you can pray for: since 3 weeks a 12 year old girl from Albania is here with her grandmother for rehabilitation. She had Leukemia and during a medical examination her spinal cord was injured so that she was paralyzed and had to sit in a wheelchair. One of the elders from the church in Città di Castello came to know her at a wedding in Albania. With the help from the mayor of Umbertide she came to Italy. She can live for free at the hospital and get rehabilitation every day. But it's more complicate as it seems in the beginning. The medical and social conditions in Albania are very bad. The people are poor and so they didn't do gymnastics or other therapies. But the Lord is providing and helping. Kristina needed a wheelchair which is adjusted to her little body. We couldn't afford to buy one (it would have cost more than 1000 $. So we prayed. Rebecca and I know from a few years ago a friend who works for a company which makes wheelchairs...
He is also sitting in a wheelchair. Unfortunately he is not a believer. But he was very willing to help. A few days after we called him for advice he called back and said: “Well I found a used one and I want to sent it to you as a donation.” We really praised the Lord for this great help.
We are waiting for that wheelchair and it should arrive in the next days.
We are visiting Kristiana every day and we try to communicate with her and her grandmother because they don't speak Italian. Kristina understand a little bit. They are attending a church in Albania but we can't say for sure if they are believers. So please pray that we can share with them. Please pray also that we can get contact to the people from the hospital. It's a great chance to testify because they will stay for 3 months.
We will keep you in touch.
Thank you very much for your support in prayer and financially and thanks for being on our mission team, may the Lord bless you.
In HIM, Thomas and Rebecca