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Jaime YWAM in NZ April to June

by Jaime Gomez on April 1, 2019
April. May. June.
Spring Here, Fall There

In April, our Spring quarter had started and the campus was getting into the swing things. I was settling into continuing on with my social media duties as well as seeing what would unfold in the upcoming weeks.

Little did I know I would be spending some time in New Zealand. 

Brett, our Director, had sent me a text from New Zealand asking me to pray about coming out to the new ship in a week’s time. Initially, I felt it was a joke but that quickly changed when Brett confirmed which date he was wanting me to come. 

After spending time in prayer, I felt like I should go. Two weeks after I received that message from Brett, I was on my way to NZ.

While there, I was able to help out on board the Claymore II (to be renamed soon). I did a variety of miscellaneous things on the ship ranging from: cooking food, cleaning toilets, taking photos, feeding the homeless, connecting with another YWAM community, helping put systems in place for when future teams come on board, etc.

Through all of this, God continued to show me that I don’t have to carry the load all by myself. The phrase, “When I am weak, You make me strong” has never rung so true in my life. Knowing that phrase and living it out was like flipping a switch. The head knowledge had flown down to my heart and I couldn’t help but weep because of how much that means to me.


Shortly after returning to Kona, I was able to jump into helping my friend with his short film. I was asked to be his Assistant Director. Even though I’ve never done that role before, I knew my experiences and abilities to get things done would help me in tackling this role.

We were on a tight schedule though. Ty, my friend, and director would be finishing up his commitment with Ships in a few weeks time, which meant we had to shoot his film in about a week. Oh and we had no budget. 

So how do we go about getting this done? We ask our friends and boy did they come through. From location scouting to costumes, from props to cast and crew, everyone we talked to pitched in to help get this film shot.

Ty and I enjoying some laughs and a coconut.

This was a family film at it’s best.

Ty and I would spend everyday planning and prepping for the next day'sshooting schedule. It was a long week but seeing our community come together to tell this story was beautiful.

And what’s the film about you ask? It’s the story of what humanity has gone through to translate the Bible into English. 

Within the next month or two, Ty will have it finished and I'll be able to send you the link to see it.

These past few months have been surprising with the difference in roles and locations. In some sense, it’s like a breath of fresh air, a nice change of pace. I love that at any moment God can call me to change things up and add to my list of expertise or level of experience.

Whether here or there, God is always present and He is always reminding me of how much He wants me to invite Him into my life. I hope you know He wants that with you as well.

I'll be seeing you,

Part of the crew heading out for one of the location shoots.
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