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Jaime Gomez YWAM Ships - Springtime in California

by Jaime Gomez on June 14, 2018

The Black, White and Read Issue

California was GOLD.
As I reflect on my time there visiting and catching up with people. I feel like it was WIN-WIN for everyone. I was a little unsure about how to do this missionary thing since this trip was the first in my life. But as I navigated the days and nights, I found that God pulled me through and it was made better because of my life lines, my support systems of people in my life. 

My church was such a beautiful place to rest and get refreshed every Sunday and it felt like coming home to a family that I haven’t seen in years. If you’ve never experienced a church welcoming you with open arms, then you need to come to my church - such a family and I’m blessed that they are mine.

I also used my time to reflect, to connect, and to see if more people wanted to partner with me while I'm in missions. I was able to visit some great places as well as eat amazing food.Hawaii is great but I do miss California food in all of its glory.

Here are some pics from my time in California:
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Back on the Big Island
Once I returned to Kona, I was met with Vog (volcanic fog), lava flow concerns from the mainland and our outreach teams returning. It’s always an exciting time to hear their stories and see what they’re up to next. I remember being nervous about staying on as Discipleship Training School (DTS) staff but it was so great to have my fellow YWAMers there to walk me through the process with prayers and encouragement.


One of our recent DTS graduates, Amanda.

I was able to answer any questions she had and helped her navigate life as a YWAMer.

We met up at a coffee shop while I was in San Diego recently.
I love it when life brings people together.

God is so good.

While the students go through their lectures, I sometimes get the opportunity to have great one-on-one conversations with a few of them. This past DTS, I was able to sit with Kassandra and hear about her life and some of the challenges she faced while in Kona. For me, it’s always great to be used by God during these times.

As she shared, I would ask God for the words to speak into her life. Many times I spoke out what was pressed upon my heart. It can be very challenging but I love being able to be a part of her life as well as others. God is so good to guide me during those times.

One of our vessels, the m/v YWAM Liberty, in Papua New Guinea will be sailing soon to some of the more remote islands in PNG to bring the Gospel as well as deliver medical care. Click the photo to see the possibilities.

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Summer weather is starting to heat up here in Kona
and I am pumped for the road ahead.

I hope your summer is going to be great. 

I’ll see you soon.


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