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Evie Needs Surgery

by Kathi Winter on January 17, 2008
Dear Friends,
Many of you know I’ve been traveling to Uganda with Evelyn Komuntale for the
last 13 years. These trips have blessed me immensely and I am so grateful to Evie
for allowing me into her world. Evie has been going through a lot of medical challenges.  She needs to have a hysterectomy operation and she does not have medical insurance. She needs our help.

Through a wonderful friend, Dirk DeWolfe, she has found an excellent OB/GYN
who has offered to do the surgery at no cost. However, the hospital and an anesthesiologist must be paid. The doctor is trying to get some discounts but has not
been successful yet. The amount needed for the surgery is $10,000. In the meantime,
Evie has to raise these funds. I appeal to you on behalf of Evie to please help.
Any amount goes a long way. As we all know, Evie lives by faith and must be
healthy in order to accomplish the great mission the Lord has called her to do. Any
amount will help.
Please send your tax deductible donation to:
Outreach To Africa
P.O. Box 14486
Irvine, CA 92623
Indicate “Evie’s surgery”.
If you have any questions or comments, please give me a call at (714) 356-5673.
I thank you in advance for your caring and your heart. Sometimes we are called to
reach deep into our hearts, and give of our “treasure” or finances in order to help a
sister in the Lord. Evie is one of the best and I know she will deeply appreciate
anything you can do.
God bless you,
Kathi Winter
Evie’s Surgery
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Outreach To Africa
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