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Diana Rotcu - Romania

by anonymous on June 14, 2013
Hi, there, brothers and sisters in Christ and beloved support team,
Sorry for not emailing to you sooner! My life in the past weeks has been like driving a speed car! I don't mind it but there seem to be not enough hours in a day! Do you know what I'm talking about?!
I am going to keep this email shorter than usual but I can't pass an opportunity to share with  you a few important and wonderful events where I clearly saw God's hand at work here in his church, Metanoia, Romania. 
A couple of weeks ago we had a baptismal service where two brothers publicly testified about Christ being their Lord and Savior, What is even more touching than their testimony is that one of them was a teenage boy, Teo, who has MS in final stage! He was adopted by a family from our church many years ago while he had been diagnosed with MS. No one from his birth family are believers and his mom and a sibling were present at his baptism. They were in tears the whole time! May God continue to work in their lives! (Our church family was great with Teo and his birth family! I am so proud of them!)
Then a week ago, with a help of a handful of sweet ladies, I helped organize a Ladies Conference in our church. It was on the topic of Forgiveness, and in all honesty I can say that God showed up and did wonderful things for all of us there. We had over 120 ladies attending, some unbelievers were present and again it was a time of God touching our hearts both lovingly and with conviction. Praise Him! Please continue to pray for the seed planted then and that we will continue to reach out to our unsaved friends and family.
Finally, this past Saturday with the help pf our youth leadership team we organized a fund rising event for our youth camp (to be held in July, 8-13). We had a ... Garage Sale at church! Quite unusual for Romania in general, especially that it was held at church. The response from our congregation was amazing, several small groups cooked delicious meals and awesome cakes which we sold at church and we also sold lots of goods donated by members of our congregation! By God's grace we raised about $ 1600! The amount may not seem like a lot for America, but here, where people's monthly salary is around $3-400 it is a lot! Praise God for it!
These all were possible because He is faithful at all times, because people prayed and had faith that God comes through for His children! I'm sure that your prayers for me and my ministry have made quite a difference! Thank you!
My next "big" project is our youth camp - the preparations are in full speed, so please pray for strength and wisdom for all leaders involved and that we may be able to bring many kids to this camp: we are hoping for 40-50, even more. We are hoping to be able to raise more support (camp costs $110/person) and both church kids and non-believers are targeted.
Please continue to pray for my small groups, both of them: some of my girls are having such difficult lives (one is battling serious depression, 4 have non-Christian families, a couple struggle in their relationship with the Lord...and so many other situations!) May Jesus be the center of our lives, no matter what! I personally need prayer for wisdom, patience and to learn how to set boundaries - I tend to allow myself to be "too involved" and I get weary!
Thank you for  staying in touch with me and for faithfully supporting me in prayer (and not only!)
Please tell me how I can pray for you!
(p.s. I hope you have the info on The Beacon, the church in California which is collecting my support now, starting March 2013. If you don't please let me know.)
Love, in the Lord,
Diana Rotcu
Arad, Romania