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by Jaime Gomez on January 6, 2017
My YWAM Ships Family
The last few months in Kona have been busy, hard and very much a growing experience. There has been many moments of joy and a deeper understanding of what it means to persevere. 

Here is my life in words and pictures.

Challenges with running kitchen:
Preparing food is not a hard job for me, neither is running a team of 4. I challenges I faced was having to prep food orders to be picked up, be constantly on top of what was happening, making sure we had enough food to serve 150 people and dealing with all kinds of personalities and cultures.My team was great and I had tons of support, but when you're in a position of leadership for something that isn't on  your heart but are willing to take on until the position is filled, you really start to understand what it means to persevere. 

When the quarter started in September, we had to prepare food for 150 people. That was 3x the amount from the previous quarter. So...when the first meal was to be served, I prayed wholeheartedly, "Lord, please let there be enough." And there was! Time and time again. It was amazing! I kept being reminded of the Fish and Loaves story. I was seeing it happen right before my eyes. I was so blown away and so thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who takes care of not only me and my team but everyone on the base that needs food.From Kitchen to Communications:
As with just about everything, my time in kitchen came to a close. We had a new full-time volunteer join us and with a heart for food, started running kitchen. For me, that meant I was able to start in communications full time. Since July I had been interviewing people around the base; to tell their story and to tell the collective story of what is happening here at Port YWAM Kona.

Through this time, God was showing me that what I've been telling people for the past decade is in fact what I am passionate about. I'm really enjoying interviewing people, hearing their stories and writing up what has been said. It's been a very surreal experience - the best kind of surreal there is. People have been reading my interviews and such and the compliments have been coming my way.

The interviews/blogs that I put on our website and facebook are not about social media and seeing how many likes we can get. It's about telling God's story through His children. I get to use these platforms as a way to get the stories out.

I feel so blessed to be a part of an organization that allows me to flourish in my giftings.
If you're interested in reading what I've written, here are 2 examples of what I've done:
You can find more on YWAM Ships Kona facebook page.

God times at the coffee shop:
When I started working at Daylight Mind Coffee Company, I knew that God was going to use me. I wasn't sure how but every job I've had is an opportunity to reach out to those who don't know God and shed light on Him and what it means to be a Christian.

This job has been no different. I work with an eclectic group of people from all walks of life and with varying views of God. 

On days that I ask God why He has me working there, I get my answer the next time I work. Someone will ask me about God or YWAM. I don't run from the conversation but I'm always relying on God to answer in a way that would glorify Him and bring understanding to the people I work with.

The other day I was highly aware of how many of my co-workers were really struggling with their jobs and personal lives. Then it hit me. I think I should just love on them. 

My hope is that when I work with them, they'll feel God's love through me and know that someone loves them and is there for them.

The Randoms of Life Here:
We have all kinds of training at Port YWAM Kona. One school in particular is the Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC). We simulated an explosion on the base. A group of us were victims and we were able to help the IPHC students apply what they have been learning in class. We had a fun time :)

If you're interested in what else we do, please visit our website: http://ywamships.net/ 
We have amazing stories to share. I would check this one outhttp://ywamships.net/colors/

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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