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Camp Scholarships from Diana

by Diana Rotcu on July 10, 2018
Dear friends and ministry partners, 

It is July again, and our preparations for our summer camps are at full speed. Our Youth Camp is July 30 - Aug 4. God has been faithful as always and we are trying to be wise and coordinate ministry partners with Him who has it all under control. 

This year we won't have an American team helping at camp, consequently our Youth leadership team has a bigger burden to carry in preparing for and organizing the camp. 

Will you, please, PARTNER WITH US? 

1. IN PRAYER: So far, there are about 50 young people (high school age and above) who have expressed their desire to come to camp (quite a few are pending), and about 30-40% of them are not Christians. Please pray for their hearts to be prepared by the Holy Spirit and become a good soil for the Gospel. Also, pray for our Youth Leadership team to be alert and ready to listen, understand them, serve, minister and "be Jesus" to all! Please pray for physical and spiritual protection for all!

2. HELP US RAISE SUPPORT: Our church is helping financially, some our youth are doing  their own fund raising (I am so proud of them!), but since we always have a lot of young people who come from families with financial difficulties, we want to be able to provide for as many as possible. Our camp costs about $100, and transportation is fully covered by our church. If you want to support us financially, you can either send donations to The Beacon on my behalf, specifying FOR YOUTH CAMP (for tax deduction), or you can contact me directly and I will provide you with the info you need for transfer with Western Union (if you don't need a tax deduction receipt. If I don't get back to you right away, it is because starting tomorrow I will be serving at a camp with limited access to internet, and I will get back top you asap.).

Sami and Cristina Fasie, Adi and Iulia Parv,  and I are so very thankful to Our Loving Father for ALL of YOU! 

P.S. For those of you who don't know, the mailing address for the Beacon changed last year. It is 960 N Tustin Ave, Orange, CA, 97868

In His service and by His Grace, 

Diana Rotcu
Arad, Romania