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We are having hybrid of In Person and Online Service. 
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Spring Speaker Series: 1 John 

4/25/21 "Walk In Faith"
5/2/21 "Abide In Faith"
5/9/21 "City Group Sunday May"

Winter Speaker Series: Love Conquers Fear

2/14/21 "Love Conquers Fear"
2/21/21 "Faithful Witness"
2/28/21 "For Such a Time as This"
3/7/21 "Abide in Me"
3/14/21 "Betrayed"
3/21/21 "Crucified, Died and Buried"
3/28/21 "On the Third Day"
4/4/21 "Shalom"
4/11/21 "My Peace I Give to You"


(due to the intimate nature of our gatherings, only the message portions are available online.)

- Video versions of the messge are available through our YouTube Channel (click the icon below).

- Audio versions of the message and visual aids are below.

Ric Olsen
Sunday May 9th 2021

Other Messages from the series
May 9th, 2021
City Group Sunday

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