The 6-Day church

We believe that “church” is what we do 6 days a week and on Sundays we come together to celebrate God’s provision to and through us to the world.
That being said, we place a greater emphasis on what we do during the week than what we do on Sunday.  Our praise and adoration of God is great, but if that is what He wanted from us, we would be raptured to Heaven as soon as we began the Christ Life.
Living a 6-day faith takes a lot more work and a lot more intention.  It is our corporate job as the Body of Christ to empower one another to be more effective in the place God has planted us.  That is what we mean by being a CATAYLYST  FOR CHANGE. 
Things that help the 6-day Church happen include GO>>Communities, Discipleship and Serving Together.  Explore each of these areas of the website to discover how you too can live the 6-day Vision!