Elder Board
Email: elders@theBeacon.church

The Beacon’s Elder Board: With Jesus Christ as the head of the church, The Beacon is led and overseen by an Elder Board. Our Elder Board is a group of volunteers nominated from within our church community, and considered and elected by current board members. Elders serve for 2-year terms as active members of the Board, and serve for the duration of their life in the community, as Elders-at-Large.

The active Elder Board members are: Don Stoutenger, Trevor Sloan, Jason Miner, Dirk Williams. Lead Pastor Ric Olsen is also active Elder Board members. This team leadership format provides accountability, a variety of spiritual gifts, and allows for decisions to be made through the wisdom of many rather than few.

Elders at Large are: Mike Moore
God’s Instructions to Leaders:  The Beacon follows God’s instructions as given in 1 Peter 5:1, by calling our Elder Board, in close partnership with their wives, to three primary areas of responsibility: to live their lives as an example; to shepherd the flock; and to oversee the affairs of the church. The Board strives to obey this explicit instruction by seeking God’s direction for their own lives and the life of our church.
Leadership Board Duties: God gifts our Board with a variety of spiritual gifts, allowing them to handle the following duties with competence and integrity:
·          Hold the mission, vision, and values of The Beacon
·          Hold the Lead Pastor accountable for job performance and personal godliness, while serving as his close friend, confidant and supporter
·          Be actively involved serving in church ministry, teaching God’s Word, training, discipleship and shepherding the church
·          Review strategic planning with pastoral staff
·          Approve the annual budget
·          Oversee believer restoration process
Who Qualifies?  One who is actively following God, seeking His development of their life and could be characterized as follows:
·          A man who desires the position I Timothy 3:1
·          One who is above reproach Titus 1:6; I Timothy 3:12
·          A husband of one wife, who manages his household I Timothy 3:2
·          A man with children who believe Titus 1:6; I Timothy 3:4  
·          Not a person who would squander or be in rebellion to authority Titus 1:6; I Timothy 3:3  
·          Not quick tempered, but slow to anger Titus 1:7  
·          Not self-willed Titus 1:7
·          Not addicted to wine and not quarrelsome Titus 1:7; I Timothy 3:3
·          Not one who is out for personal gain, but is hospitable, loving what is good Titus 1:7-8
·          One who is sensible, just, devout and exercises self-control Titus 1:8
·          Not a new convert, one with a good reputation I Timothy 3:6-7
·          One who holds fast to the faithful word in accordance with the teaching, that he may be able to both exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict Titus 1:8

Process of  Board Member Nomination and Approval:  

Periodically, the The Beacon family is invited to submit nominations for the position of Elder Board Members. The current Board will review, discuss, and pray about potential candidates. They will then schedule meetings with the candidate and his wife to discuss the candidate’s personal life story, ministry in the church, and vision for the church.

When the Board has agreed to present a candidate to the church family, there will be a two-week period for the church family to respond, confidentially and in writing, with any concerns or affirmations of the candidate. If, at the end of the two-week period, the Board agrees the candidate is qualified, the new elder will be commissioned during a Sunday celebration service. Board members serve a three-year term and each is required to take one year off before he is eligible for an additional term.

You can reach all elders by email at Elders@theBeacon.church 
  • John Battieste
  • Mike Moore
  • Don Stoutenger
  • Dirk Williams
  • Ric Olsen, Lead Pastor
  • Trevor Sloan, Elder
  • Jason Miner, Elder