Learn God's Word

The Bible is the Story of God's love for humanity and His desire to be in relationship to us.  It is the Story of how He has pursued us from the very beginning and provided for us as we have walked away from Him.  The best way to know Him better is by reading an studying His Word.

Here are a few ways to get to know Gods Word::


If you are following along with our message series, you can download this tool to help you study the text we will be talking about in the following weekend.  The tools are helpful for studying Scripture regardless if you are on track with the Sunday messages though.

Free MP3 Versions of the New Testament are available for you to listen over a 40 day period.  Children's versions are available as well.
As we are listening, we are also raising money for the Rahkine People of Myanmar/Burma to receive the Scriptures recorded in their language.
Contact info@thebeacon.church  if you would like your own copy of the New Testament on MP3.