6 day teams

The Body of Christ is active and most effective 6 days of the week, and we celebrate God's work through us on the 1st Day, Sunday, and then look with expectation for what He will do in the next 6 days. 
Here are some of the opportunities to use your S.H.A.P.E. during the 6 days...
Serve Team
Be a part of casting and orchestrating the outreach vision for the Beacon in this community. We need people to care for our missionaries, and people to organize local and international trips and people to strategize about being a beacon of light in this... [more]

Research Team
Research Team: Help Ric find relevant material for the messages. There are two ways to participate. Read your paper, go to the movies, and as you see something that could be used as in a sermon in the future, cut it out and send it to Pastor Ric. B... [more]

Celebrations Team
Let's get together and act like a family. This team plans and hosts socials like: dinners of 8 potlucks picnics outings [more]