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Giving is an act of worship, an act of faith.

A TITHE is the regular amount given as an act of worship.  Scripture suggests this amount is 10% of your income.

An OFFERING is a special gift above and beyond the TITHE.

Giving, regardless of the type, should never be done out of guilt or the expectation that God will "do you a favor" if you do.

ONLINE: Understanding that our culture is an electronic one, we offer this opportunity for you to participate in giving electronically.  We do so with this caveat:  We want to warn against the use of credit cards in any situation, and giving is no exception.  It is unwise to go into debt for any reason.

We offer a course on finances to explain these principals and to help you get out and stay out of debt.  Click here for more information.

Also, please note that the Beacon does get charged between 3-5%  for the following services, so while we appreciate any effort to participate in worship through giving, the Beacon receives the full amount of your gift, only when you give in person or through the mail.

You can use either of the 3 online giving options below: 

1. Have your Bank send an eCheck. 

Send it to The Beacon 3419 E Chapman Ave. #489 Orange CA 92869 (note: there are normally no fees to the Beacon for this service or to the ).

2. Set up automatic giving or one time gifts...

 One Time Gift

Set Up Automatic Giving